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When it comes to living in New York, having a strong furnace is not merely a luxury but a necessity. If you want to stay warm and comfortable, even during the iciest blasts of mid-winter, you will need a powerful furnace system. For anyone looking for valuable furnace services in Islip, GMG HVAC Inc. is the perfect one-stop-shop for new installations, system replacements, repairs, and maintenance. Our experienced Long Island heating and air conditioning service team is ready to resolve any furnace issues you may have effectively and rapidly.

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Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair

For those living in the state of New York, it is well-known that during the icy winter months, our heaters and furnaces are running almost constantly. While this is essential to keep you and your family warm throughout the frigid temperatures, the continual use can place a strain on your furnace, leading it to experience more wear and tear. When you notice that your furnace is making strange sounds or unpleasant smells, this could be a signal that it is time for our dedicated technicians to repair or tune up your system before it completely breaks down.

Some of the most common warning signs that your furnace needs rapid repairs include:

  • The heating is inconsistent -
    An early warning sign for furnaces that need repair is that certain rooms in your home are warmer than other rooms. It could either be a problem with your ductworks like a leak, or it could be that there is a problem with your furnaces motor and it's not properly providing the correct heat.
  • You hear odd noises -
    It's normal for your furnace to make some noise when it first starts up. But, if you are hearing loud banging, clanging or screeching it could be a loose belt or a possible issue with your furnace's fan. It's important to address this quickly as these loud noises can lead to potentially more damage to your furnace.
  • There are musty smells or burning odors coming from the system -
    If your furnace hasn't been turned on in a long time, you will notice a musty smell in your home for a little bit. But, if this smell continues to linger or if you notice a smell that is reminiscent of plastic burning, you may have a bigger problem that requires professional heater repair services.

We also advise our customers to schedule annual preventive maintenance appointments to ensure smooth operation of their furnaces throughout the cold months.

Furnace Replacements & Installations on Long Island

Many people in the United States do not realize that their furnaces are old and malfunctioning. The belief is that if a unit can still run, there is no need to go out and buy another one. While this answer may seem logical on the surface, the truth is that these older models are much less efficient. So, if you are wondering why your energy bills are costing a lot more lately, your furnace is likely too old. Instead of getting another repair, which could be very expensive over time, our trusty furnace installation technicians can replace your current model.

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Maintaining Your Furnace for Extended Life

It is a major, though necessary, investment to purchase a furnace for your home. In order to keep your furnace running as smoothly as possible for the greatest amount of time, it is absolutely essential to have proper maintenance. Regular checkups will allow our devoted team at GMG HVAC Inc. to keep an eye out for any developing issues. This way, we can target and tackle any minor problem long before it would become a massive headache. Rely on our knowledgeable technicians to save you the hassle of a broken furnace, all thanks to our dependable maintenance services.

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