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When seasons change at a moment’s notice, this has a detrimental effect on any HVAC system. For anyone who is a resident or a visitor to New York, this fact is especially true. It can sometimes seem like the seasons switch multiple times a day – freezing in the morning and scorching by the mid-afternoon. This is why homeowners in New York often find themselves in need of emergency heating and cooling services more than those in other parts of the country. The increased amounts of warm air or cool air that blow through the system in order to account for these fluctuating temperatures means that it is more likely the unit will break down on account of extended wear and tear.

If you are suffering from a heating or cooling crisis, it is important to call GMG HVAC Inc. as soon as possible. Based in Central Islip, our company services homes throughout Long Island.

Contact us now at (631) 309-2535 the moment that you suspect your HVAC system is on the verge of a breakdown.

Emergency Heating Repairs & Replacements

If you have ever endured one of our New York winters, you will know first-hand that temperatures can become icy at a moment’s notice. It is dangerous to be unprepared for the frigid snows and blizzard winds without a reliable heating system. When your furnace suddenly stops working, either due to old age or eventual wear-and-tear, there is no time to delay. To keep you and your household safe, call our dedicated technicians so that we can make immediate, efficient repairs.

Sometimes, an HVAC unit may be past its prime, and no manner of repairs will get it back to running efficiently. If this is the case, we can install a powerful new heating system that warms up your property in no time. A strong, new heater will also be more effective at using energy, which will save you money in the long run as well.

    Rapid Solutions

    Emergencies for heating and air conditioning needs never come at an opportune moment. They can strike in the middle of a frosty night while you are sleeping or on a blistering Fourth of July weekend when you have many guests over. No matter the situation, you will need a reliable company you can count on to help you out of this disaster. Our Long Island heating and cooling team at GMG HVAC Inc. has all of the skills, resources, and equipment it takes to get your system rapidly up and running.

    Call us today at (631) 309-2535 or contact us online no matter the time of day for our dedicated emergency HVAC services in Central Islip.

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      Quick and painless repair on my HVAC.

      “Jocelyn is very responsive and Joe is very professional. I received multiple options which was incredibly helpful. I'll have them bookmarked.”

      - Daniel L.
      What a fabulous experience I had with GMG HVAC INC!

      “I looked at the reviews on this company before I called them. Saw they were known for their honestly. That’s what I wanted and certainly what I got - in addition to professional, quality service.”

      - Red B.
      Professional, Helpful, Reasonably Priced

      “Our AC suddenly stopped working- we called and they were able to come out within a couple of hours to help- and thankfully were able to get our AC working again! We are so appreciative and will definitely continue working with them.”

      - Caitlin R.
      Professional service at a reasonable price. Customer service is excellent.

      “They understand my needs and get the right people to do the job. They also communicate well with my GC regarding residual painting that needs to be done. They always clean up after themselves leaving job site clean and neat. They pay attention to details.”

      - Joanne C.
      Fast, efficient, knowledgeable and honest service!

      “Very reasonable and family owned, who could ask for more nowadays? Highly recommend. He  is unquestionably my go to guy from now on! Thank you Andrew!!”

      - Elyse G.

    Support for Air Conditioning Emergencies

    Although New York may have freezing winters, it is also known for its scorching hot summers. Our team is ready to rush over the moment that you are suspicious your AC might be on the brink of a breakdown. We can provide both rapid repairs and excellent replacements.

    Some of the warning signals that your AC is about to experience an emergency include:

    • The vents keep emitting warm air
    • Your unit makes odd, loud sounds, often grating, crunching, sputtering, or hissing
    • There is very little airflow from the vents
    • The unit releases unpleasant or burning smells
    • The AC system has a pool of liquid leaking beneath the unit

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