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Signs That Your AC Needs Repairs This Summer

6 Signs That Your AC Needs Repairs or Replacement

During warmer months, everyone’s worst nightmare is for their air conditioning unit to stop working properly. Sometimes, you may not even notice that your air conditioner isn’t working at its fullest potential until it’s too late and the damage is already done, causing you to spend more on repairs or a replacement.

How can you tell when your air conditioner may need to be replaced or repaired? Here are some signs that you can make a note of so that your air conditioner is always in good working condition.

1. Strange Sounds

Is your air conditioner making a rad new noise that could be a cause of concern? Residential air conditioners are generally made to run as quietly as possible, so any loud noise coming from your AC could be a subtle, and not so silent, alarm to let you know it’s time for repairs. If your unit is making a loud screeching or banging noise, this could be one of the first signs that something is up with your unit.

If you’re not sure about the sound you’re hearing from your air conditioner, then you should call a professional to access the noise and check for damage.

2. Odd Odors

Strange sounds aren’t the only reason you should be worried about your air conditioner, but if you notice a weird, unusual smell from your unit, it may be time for a repair. Odors can be a sign of mold, damage to your ductwork, or even damaged or malfunctioning parts. If you smell something strange, like must, then you should immediately call a repairman to fix your air conditioner before you need to purchase a replacement.

3. Warm Air

This is beginning to sound like a horror story, but seriously, we know how uncomfortable it is to try to change the temperature settings on your thermostat and it still blows out warm air. If the air circulating through your vents is warm, then that means your system is working harder to produce cold air. There could be a few reasons why it’s blowing warm including duct leakage, low refrigerant, or issues with your condenser coils. A professional HVAC technician can examine your unit and offer suggestions for repairs or replacements.

4. High Electricity Bills

One of the biggest energy consumers, if not the biggest, in your home, is your air conditioner. If your air conditioner needs to be replaced or repaired, but you’re still using it like normal, it could be working harder than normal and causing the price of your electricity bill to hike.

5. Leaking Water

Have you noticed water near or around your HVAC unit? This is a clear indication that you should call an HVAC repair company as soon as possible to repair or replace your unit. A leaking air conditioner can cause water damage to your home, costing you even more in repairs if you don’t address the situation. A telltale sign of water leakage (outside of condensation) is puddles of water around your unit.

6. Thermostat Problems

Maybe your actual air conditioner isn’t the problem, the culprit could be your thermostat. Ways to know your thermostat needs to be fixed include temperatures set on the thermostat being off or inconsistent temperatures throughout the house.

A Reliable Fix for Your AC Issues

Some days may be hotter than others, but you want your air conditioner to function at its best every day. Our team of professional HVAC experts will come to your house and access any damage or issues with your air conditioner and thermostat. We know the signs to look for — including the not-so-obvious ones.

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