technician fixing a broken AC

My A/C Isn’t Working!

technician fixing an AC

It never fails. If your air conditioning unit is going to stop working, it’ll certainly wait until the hottest day of summer to do so. At GMG HVAC, we’re always ready for air conditioner service and the surrounding areas. But before you call us to book a service visit, here’s a few tips to hopefully save you time and money.

First, if the AC isn’t working at all, check to make sure it’s plugged in.We know this is a no-brainer, but this problem can be caused by a rambunctious dog, running kids, or a nudge with the vacuum cleaner. Always check the plug to make sure it is completely connected. Also, check your fuses and circuit breakers. In older homes, it can be common for circuits to become overloaded if the AC shares a circuit with other appliances. Checking the thermostat is also a good move. Sometimes settings can change accidentally, so you always want to make sure the thermostat is turned on, set to the correct temperature and set to cool. Make sure to also check the fan blower belt. If it’s damaged or broken, time to replace it. Finally, take a look at the coils and filter. If you find them covered with dust or debris, clean them as thoroughly as possible.

To make sure that you don’t run into issues in the sweltering summer months, preventative maintenance is always a good move. Get into the habit of washing the condenser coil every season. Just turn off the AC and hose it down with an “up and down” motion. Clean the filter regularly, and you’ll be keeping cool continuously.