When it comes time to hire an HVAC contractor, many homeowners feel overwhelmed and uncertain where to start. There are a lot of factors to consider as you search for a reputable company for affordable HVAC services, and while it might be easier to just go with the first contractor you see online, you might not be getting the best bang for your buck if you do so. Today, we’ll review four easy tips for finding the right HVAC contractor to ensure that your heating and cooling needs are taken care of.

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Get Referrals and Check Reviews

Asking your family and friends who they use for their HVAC needs is always a good place to start because you are more likely to get honest feedback related to things like timeliness, cost, and professionalism. Once you have names of a few companies, it is always helpful to hop online and check out other customers’ reviews and testimonials. Checking out the various company profiles on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) will also help you see how the companies respond to negative feedback.


While you are in the process of comparing HVAC companies, be sure to check how long each company has been in business. While it is not necessary to have decades of industry experience to provide the best services, it is always in your best interest to work with experienced technicians. Companies with extensive experience will have completed hundreds of jobs just like yours, and they will likely be up to date on all of the recent innovations in HVAC equipment.

Emergency Services

If there is one thing we know to be true about New York weather, it is that it can be bitter cold in the winter. Having unreliable or broken HVAC equipment during the winter is dangerous, and you definitely don’t want to find yourself without heat this time of year. As you are searching for a reputable HVAC contractor, be sure to review companies that have emergency 24-hour heating repair. Hiring a company that will be there for you when you need them, regardless of the hour, is essential for optimal home comfort.

Gather Estimates

Finally, once you have considered review, experience, and emergency services, it is helpful to gather estimates if you have the time to do so. A reputable HVAC contractor will provide detailed estimates that break down their fees. For example, an itemized estimate will show which fees are related to equipment versus labor and taxes. If you receive an estimate from a contactor that only has one line item reading “$250 for HVAC services,” don’t be afraid to ask for a more specific estimate.

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