Preventative maintenance isn’t something that most people want to think about. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it… right? Well, not quite. Preventative maintenance can help you catch a problem before your HVAC system breaks, saving you money, time, and frustration.

two techs togetherChanging Filters

Chances are, your air filter needs to be swapped out right now. Most homeowners let this task slip through the cracks, but it should really be done at least every quarter. If you have a large family or pets, you should at least be checking it once a month.

Cleaning Air Ducts

Just by going about their normal day-to-day life, the average family generates almost 50 pounds of dust each year. Most of this dust is circulated throughout your house by your HVAC system multiple times each day. Over time, much of it will settle into your ducts. This is why it is extremely important to have your ducts cleaned out on a regular basis.

Regular Checkups

In addition to changing out your air filters and getting your ducts cleaned out, you should also have your A/C unit and your heater checked out by an HVAC professional on a regular schedule. They will be able to check all of the components of your system to ensure that it is working properly, and there are no potential failure points.

Now that you know what preventative HVAC maintenance consists of, you might be wondering why it is important. In our next blog, we will take a look at the benefits gained from performing these services. If you need HVAC services, contact us today to set up your next appointment. Stay tuned for our next blog!

Finger adjusting a thermostat