All good things come to an end, including the longevity of your heating and cooling systems in your Bethpage home. Even with regular maintenance, filter changes, and other upkeep, your furnace wasn’t designed to last forever. Like most other things you can decide to repair or replace, there is a fine line, beyond which, you are just throwing good money after bad.

In today’s blog, the heating and cooling experts at GMG HVAC, Inc. will help you see that fine line by examining six red flags that could indicate that you are due for a new furnace installation.

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1. Your Furnace Is Older Than Your Teenage Child

Most furnaces won’t survive past the two-decade mark no matter how much love and money you put into them. But once your furnace has reached 15 years of age, it’s on its way out sooner rather than later. Repairing a furnace of this age is typically not a good investment.

2. Your Furnace Has Required Lots Of Recent Repairs

Regardless of the age of your furnace, heating and cooling systems that are constantly breaking or in need of regular repairs might not be worth keeping around. In the long run, opting for a new furnace installation from a local, trusted HVAC company could provide you with significant savings.

3. Your Furnace Is The Thing That Goes Bump In The Night

Very few furnaces are what you would call quiet, which is why they are often times installed out of the way in a basement, utility closet, or other infrequently visited areas of your home. However, there is a difference between the normal noise of a well-functioning heater and a clunking, banging, jalopy that could be putting you and your family at risk.

If your furnace makes regular, loud, rattling, banging, or whirring noises that it didn’t use to, get in touch with GMG HVAC, Inc. for an inspection right away.

4. Your Heating Bill Is On The Rise

Unless your local utility company is raising prices or changing peak pricing times, your heating bill should remain relatively similar from year to year. Use your convenient, online portal from your energy provider to compare your heating and cooling expenditures year over year to make sure you’re not missing this easy to spot red flag.

5. You Are Experiencing Warm & Cold Zones

Your home should be uniformly comfortable if your thermostat and furnace are working properly. If you notice that certain rooms seem frigid while other seems warm, you may have a problem worth investigating.

6. Your Burner Flame Isn’t The Right Color

A healthy furnace should be fully combusting its gas intake and burning with a hot, bluish flame. If your burners are burning strongly yellow and orange, then chances are good that your furnace isn’t doing its job properly, increasing the risk that carbon monoxide could be seeping into your home.

Have Questions? GMG HVAC, Inc. Has Answers

If you have seen any of these warning signs from your Bethpage home’s furnace system, it’s time to talk to the experts at GMG HVAC, Inc. We can answer all your questions, provide options for heat repair or replacement, and get you a quote so you can plan for whatever comes next. Don’t play chicken with an old furnace, contact the experts today.